Joline Morgan LPC “Child Whisper LPC”

What is in a name or letters behind the name? I would say not much except it does define you. I have worked with children and families before I received any letters behind my name. I have been called many things; however, what I enjoy the most is ‘the child whisper’ or Nana.

I enjoy working with families and helping them to find new and exciting ways to handle problems with easy to understand tips and treasures.

Many of my children are struggling with trauma, attachment, special needs, or behavior issues which may stem from loss or abuse. Not all abuse comes from parents or even family members; some come from school, lack of understanding, and stress.

I am a Licensed Clinical Therapist who has worked with families and children for over 20 years. I also help my grandson develop his YouTube channel and work on his growth and challenges which stem from his Sensory Processing Disorder. He calls it ‘sensory issues’ I call it his unique personality and way of growth.

I currently work with children who live in a residential facility. We work on a multitude of issues and challenges. I also work with their families to reunify children to adults. With Everyday Therapy you will learn how to use coping skills, parenting skills, and tips for daily living while addressing anxiety, stress, and life’s challenges.

Be sure to subscribe but also send questions regarding your child or family struggles and I will try to answer knowing each person is unique and their situation is as different than each sunset.

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