Family Therapy

Family therapy is a type of psychological counseling (psychotherapy) that can help family members improve communication and resolve inner conflict within the family unit. Its objective is to enable communication, understanding, and growth within the family. It involves problem-solving, attachment therapy, behavior modification-coping skills, knowledge, psychoeducation, and support to help families become productive and engaged in their school, community, and society. 

Family Ties and Fights

Family ties are a tight bond that holds us together in good and evil. It is an invisible tie and bond that may pull and bend, and when broken, it hurts everyone around. People get hurt, take sides, and feel trapped. When family fights trickle down into the everyday life of each member, we find ourselves torn. Do we take sides, and if not, how do we stay nurtural. Family events and holidays can be trying and unsettling. Not taking a side always lands in […]

When do you stop toxic parental visitation?

When do you stop toxic visits for your child? How would you go about preventing the visits when the other parents/grandparent is allowed a certain amount of time each week or month? Supervised visits or court-ordered visits that are toxic can be damaging and traumatic for your child. Court-ordered visits are more straightforward to discontinue as the case manager or supervisor of the visits can suggest stopping them for the child’s welfare. Simply put, the caseworker can appeal to the court that all supervised or […]

How Do I Go On ?

The need for self-care When you don’t know what to do, what do you do? Who do you talk to about your problems or struggles? If you are the one person everyone is talking to, where do you go? What happens when you are at the end of your rope? Do you have a place to go? Do you know how to get help? If you can’t find someone, to be honest with what do you do with all those feelings and thoughts you gather […]

Do I Bully my Child

Do we bully our kids into doing what we want? This blog discusses how parents might bully their children. It also touches on how children may cause a parent to act negatively toward them.

Social Distancing Frustration

When do you become frustrated?When people are expecting or demanding more than you can give, what happens to your ability to function?Our children who have special needs may have a lower tolerance or ability to handle frustration. People don’t typically think first before throwing out commands, and they may use a tone of urgency when speaking. These two actions may cause the child to react in significantly extreme behaviors, which in turn, we respond. I have noticed during this time of our ‘new normal’ and […]

My Child Has What???What is Dyslexia, Sensory Prcessing, Rule/Out?

What are these letters behind my child’s name? I don’t understand what R/O means? I am not sure how many diagnoses he needs before someone will help me? What do you mean with this diagnosis I can’t receive help?Understanding the diagnosis is only the first step to the road of success for you and your family. Acceptance is the next step on your road to discovery.Alex was struggling in school and his mother Rhoda was not sure how to handle his situation. She knew he […]

My Journey to Understanding

I began this journey to understand sensory processing disorder as a grandmother and mother. My grandson has what he calls sensory issues.  I am a clinical therapist who specializes in children’s therapy. Most of my clients are on the spectrum, have attachment disorders, and/ or complex trauma. What I have seen in all these children is a need for sensory diets, large motor activities, and coping skills for meltdowns. While advancing in my career I choose certification in Theraplay. Theraplay focuses on attachment therapy with […]