Traveling Tips

Traveling with kids and pets can be exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. We find that setting travel time to fit in nap or sleep time worked for younger children. Now we schedule events, sites, and stops throughout our day. We have found that Red Roof Inn usually is convenient, inexpensive, and accessible for kids and pets. We have seen some Red Roof Inn’s to be worth the stop but others not so great. We also have tried other places to stay where pets are allowed, but we seem to go back to Red Roof Inn (just our preference). We also call ahead to be sure the swimming pool is working, breakfast will be available, and the type of entrance.

Recently we have found that state parks are excellent for our stay. Cabins and amenities are a great way to have fun with the family while watching the budget. It allows learning, education, and family excitement. We find that state parks are excellent places for exercise and a little occupational therapy, enabling us to help with energy and stress. State parks are close to activities and areas of interest, which adds to the vacation itinerary.

Making sensory bags for the car is a perfect way to begin your trip. We have a backpack that has special sensory items, coloring books, flashlights, and other new items for each trip to make it special and exciting. When we hit the road we make a list of all the things we want to do on this trip.

Once we are in the car we focus on what the day will bring. This includes food, expectations, daily activities, and the lengh of the trip. We also talk about what is going to happen for the filming we do- this is not what all parents or familie may do on their trip. We also plan ahead to check out the sensory isseues we may face- sounds, feelings, fears, touch, and food. We review websites if they have one so we know if we can bring the wagon or out dog.

On our youtube channel we put the expectations for parents with children who have sensory needs, younger children, and discuss our ‘Fun” level.

Johnson’s Shut In Missouri

Johnson Shut-in was a two thumbs up. It was exciting and so much fun. Christian was able to use sticks and rocks to determine if the water was acceptable for him to get into. He also enjoyed the sounds, feel, and colors. We played in the park for a little O.T exercises. After we found our way to this amazing work of God and nature at it’s finest. As Christian says:” we found the jackpot of coolness!!”

No food at the water area but you can have picnics at the camp grounds or play grounds. Parking is free and abundant. We and say quite a bit of Wildlife- and as Christian reports: A snack!! The walk was easy and picture worthy. I suggest to bring life jackets and good walking shoes.( You can rent or borrow a life jacket from the welcome center next to the beautiful mosaic.…

The wilderness qualities and geology of Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park and the surrounding St. Francois Mountains make this park a special place to visit. Its rugged character provides the perfect backdrop for camping, hiking, picnicking, splashing in the shut-ins, exploring nature or just relaxing.

Santa Claus Town in Indiana

Our Trip to Santa Claus Indiana was a success. We loved Santa Claus and all it had to offer. The North Pole never looked so great! It was fun with candy, toys, gifts, and more. Santa Claus was jolly and fun. It took us all day to visit this unique and enchanting town. We did not go to Holliday Park (like 6 flags) because of time and interest. We did enjoy…