Santa Claus Town in Indiana

Our Trip to Santa Claus Indiana was a success. We loved Santa Claus and all it had to offer. The North Pole never looked so great! It was fun with candy, toys, gifts, and more. Santa Claus was jolly and fun. It took us all day to visit this unique and enchanting town. We did not go to Holliday Park (like 6 flags) because of time and interest. We did enjoy the sites and shopping while in Santa Claus. We were safe with our masks and social distancing. per their website: Christmas in Santa Claus, Indiana, is always a magical time. And Christmas 2020 is shaping up to be just as special! But with safety top of visitors’ minds, some of this year’s traditions will look a little different. Here’s what you need to know as you prepare to spend the holidays in America’s Christmas Hometown.… Per their website: The historic castle was dedicated in 1935, blending old-world charm with modern-day fun. Visit Santa’s Candy Castle for a magical experience for believers of all ages. Find a large selection of old-fashioned & hard-to-find candy, decadent hand-made confections, more than 30 flavors of cocoa, Frozen Hot Chocolate & more. Log onto the “North Pole Network” to chat with one of Santa’s elves. If it goes well, you can earn an official Good List Certificate. Special events are held throughout the year. This attraction is open seasonally — May through December — and hours may vary. Santa’s Candy Castle is committed to the safety of guests and staff. Find updated policies and procedures for the attraction here. Santa’s Candy Castle is located one mile south of Holiday World.

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