Murder on Shady Street: My Story

Traumatic Grief: Our Story

Waiting for his mother, not having any idea what happened the night before, he has many different emotions running through his mind after three calls and the Easter egg drop, he leaves angry, frustrated, and hurt. This holiday will never be the same as the unthinkable has happened and turned our world upside down.

Traumatic grief has many emotions and affects an array of our life. A loss that is unexplainable can be the most difficult to understand. We tend to understand when someone is sick or is old and dies but we don’t understand the murders, drunk drivers, unexplained accidents that take our loved ones away.

This story is our story; it may relate to you and your journey through the tremendously hard time which seems to bring up new pain, memories, and healing each day. Wondering if you will ever get past that debilitating pain and sorrow.


This is our journey regarding grief and how traumatic grief affects our daily life.