Dear older me,

” If I were to letter to my 100-year-old self It would begin..

” Hey You did it! “

You made it! So now, for the next 100 years, what do you want people to know?

As I think about us as older and making it to 100, I have memories of my work with so many people to write letters to their younger selves. Working with my clients and building a strong inner child makes me happy, sad, and curious. Their inner child who has been hurt, forgotten, or wounded. Inner child work is challenging and demanding. It focuses on past abuse and neglect. Areas my clients feel they were masking or hidden from the rest of the world. Unseen by their families, friends, and society. I hope you, my older self, understand you did a good job; you listened and tried to do your best with everyone you touched in your profession or personal life. You heard them.

Do you remember watching an older crime show; You tend to love crime shows and feel the British do them the best. Anyways, you watched one that had unspoken abuse, childhood abuse, which involved unspoken types of abuse. The abused child would blindfold children after killing them because she felt no one saw them, so in her mind, she was just taking them away and helping them live.

They were unseen and uncared for. In the instance of the children she went after, her assumption was incorrect; however, in her case, it was more tragic. The family saw what was happening but did not do anything about it, no one tried to stop it, and they made excuses.

Watching her stand trial for her actions at the age of thirteen was heartbreaking. When Charged, she stood up and said, ‘I know you can not see me. I know you don’t know I am here”. How sad to know and believe that you are unseen in a room full of people, professionals, and adults.

No one saw the changes in her behaviors, no one saw the abuse taking place, and no one saw her. Except for the ones closest to her, and they did nothing to help her. I wanted to tell you, You saw them; you saw what was happening and helped. You brought out what was unspoken and hidden and yelled for the people with no voice.

Knowing and believing that doing nothing is something; is an admission of guilt. It contributes to the idea’ I am not seen. I want to tell you, “You have walked the walk and finished the race. I believe there will be a crown of glory one day when this race is over. It may not be over yet, so keep walking in faith and stay focused on the prize- the real goal. To help people understand, learn, and grow. To pass down the torch and build the foundation in the ones you are sent. Be strong in the Lord, and know he is with you.

It is not easy to talk to my older self about whether we made it or Whether I remember? Knowing the path I am taking and hopefully continue on, do I stay the course or get swayed by others. Do I stay strong and hold onto my beliefs. I want to tell you that, however difficult it was, knowing we leave people behind who care for us, you left a legacy of love, peace, and understanding.

You will leave others behind and not know what is happening in their day-to-day lives. You left notes of our life along the way, wrote a book, and made videos for the ones I leave behind to have for reference and guidance. You were happy and did what made you happy, not always what was right in the peoples’ eyes but you did what you believed was for the best. I think your plan worked, as you are now 100, and it has been a good race and track record, it was hard at times, but we held on to faith, joy, and laughter. Laughter your our strength.

I like to ask if you felt that you reached your goals and dreams set out for your life if retirement was good, and if you enjoy it as much now as when the journey began. When you think back, process what you wanted to do, and make a goal chart to ensure you set yourself up for success. It may not have all gone according to plan, but you did well. Some plans get sidetracked, and some just get lost. Other projects may be obsolete. But one question I have for you is did we have it correct? Was the plan a good one?

The apostle Paul said,” Satan hindered me” I feel like that happens to you at times, he used people, time wasters, promise breakers, and procrastinators. You have learned to be careful not to let them (other people) sidetrack you. You realized it was not your responsibility to keep them focused but to stay on task and complete the race. Knowing that you are not responsible for their race, it is nice to know I can walk and focus on my own race. I know you did it. You walked in peace and rested in the Lord knowing you listened to his word and kept your focus.

You know God has a plan and will keep the ones you love, he will take them to the finish line with the seeds you have sown. He knows your heart and will not let you down. Rest in the inheritance you have made for all you have touched.

I hope you keep the race in mind and stay focused.

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